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How can you reduce your carbon footprint when recruiting? Here is how!


With the close of Cop26, it is undeniable that the human impact on our planet and how we can adapt our lives to best minimise escalating global temperatures are at the fore of many individuals minds, as well as businesses who are planning to reduce their carbon footprint.


Every action we take from now is key to help minimise future global temperatures, as well as to help reduce pollution, waste and more – so, how can we reduce our carbon footprint and increase our green actions at the recruitment and hiring processes?


It may surprise you that there is plenty that can be done! Read our latest blog to find out how your business can adapt to help save our planet:


Virtual Hiring, Virtual Working


It won’t come as a surprise that one key way we can all reduce carbon footprint is by reducing travel; undeniably, some travel may always be essential but after the last 18 months, many of us are now used to and adept at working from home; working from home has also seen a rise in interviews being held remotely and virtually, but what are the pluses of this?


For many businesses, working from home full or part-time is a cornerstone of the operational environment, and setting this cultural understanding from the beginning (ie. You may not work in the same space as your colleagues) can help prospective candidates understand what it will be like working with colleagues remotely and virtually via phone, video call, etc.


This also immediately reduces carbon footprint – if you are looking to hire for one position but interviewing 6 candidates who each have a 1-hour car journey both ways, that equals 12 hours of car journeys and emissions. By holding interviews and assessments virtually, you immediately negate what can be seen as unnecessary travel. Alternatively, if face-to-face assessments are essential, then encouraging interviewees to travel via public transport will still reduce the carbon footprint linked to the journey.


Cloud-Based Systems reducing Carbon Footprints


The last 18-months have truly taught us all the importance of cloud-based systems that work, are effective and are intuitive to increase speed to competency for new starters and those using said systems remotely. So, how can a cloud-based system reduce your carbon footprint in the hiring process?


With many now not tied to desktop PCs, suites and sites, there is already a negation of the need for travel to a site, or even sites, to support your recruitment efforts. Many Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS’ are now fully-cloud based whilst being data-secure, meaning that you can process candidates, organise interviews, make offers remotely and safely whilst engaging with your colleagues involved in the hiring process virtually and securely. A further benefit of this is that it increases the flexibility and accessibility of your recruitment software during the hiring process, which will also help speed up processes and communications.


Paper or paperless?


In this modern-day and age, do we need to still be producing paper contracts, paper-based assessments, paper interview packs and other materials? The answer is likely no…


Deforestation is a global challenge, and whilst recycling paper-based materials are more commonplace, there are also actions we can take at the forefront of this process by reducing our need and reliance on paper in our daily lives – this also includes hiring in the workplace. Many ATS’ and HRIS’ will now include functionality for documents (offer letters, contracts.) to be read, signed, and stored remotely and securely, reducing reliance on paper. Assessments can also be filled out online (many remotely with the right software) and interview packs themselves could also be filled out on laptops, tablets, and other devices. All of this also reduces the likelihood of documentation potentially being misplaced as it is all stored electronically.


Webrecruit ATS can support your business in reducing your carbon footprint via functionality that can help reduce travel, paper, and materials wastage and more! Sound good? Book a demo today to find out more!



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