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How to recruit the right candidates more time-effectively

Naturally, you will be eager to land the most intelligent and talented candidates possible for your business, but it is also in your interest to do so quickly. A drawn-out recruitment process risks a good candidate in this funnel losing interest and withdrawing their application.

For people on both sides of the hiring fence, you can relieve many of the headaches if you implement a well-optimised recruitment process. Here are some of the ways to do precisely that.


Be specific about what you’re looking for

What is the job title for the position you seek to fill? What are the day-to-day duties and responsibilities that it entails? Will this job call upon particular qualifications and experience? Also, what are the key elements of the company culture in which the successful applicant will work?

You need to address all of these points accurately but clearly in the job description. After all, with this information at your disposal, you can more easily evaluate the suitability of candidates as their applications come in. At the top of the listing, you should summarise the job description as well.


Strategically place keywords in the job description

Since people well-suited to the job could easily be carrying out Google searches for positions like yours, you shouldn’t shy away from including appropriate keywords in the text.

However, you should also be careful not to use so many keywords that the job description feels unnatural in its language. Google isn’t geared towards promoting ‘keyword stuffing’ – the search giant’s mission is to help its users to specifically find the information they desire.


Make use of fuss-free online recruitment software

If your hiring team remains in the habit of manually compiling data about applicants, you should consider replacing that antiquated system with an applicant tracking system (ATS). As ATS providers, we can enlighten you about the benefits of our own intuitive software, Webrecruit ATS

With Webrecruit ATS in place, you can post vacancies to various job board aggregators with just a click and be quickly notified about new applicants, of which there could turn out to be many, as the system is optimised for mobile devices. The latter feature means prospective candidates of yours can easily apply for your open roles, even while ‘on the move’.


To learn more about the perks of Webrecruit ATS that have long made us one of the premier ATS providers, why not consult our case studies today, or even book a demo of this powerful software?

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