Ease your student recruitment efforts

How campus visits can ease your student recruitment efforts

For a business seeking to foster a steady stream of up-and-coming young talent to its ranks, campuses of higher education institutions are valuable places to drive recruitment. However, a key ingredient is making a positive impression on those students to whom you reach out.

You can do that not only from behind attractive booths at careers fairs, but also through social media and other marketing channels. Here are some ways to push the right buttons.


Publicise where and when you will be at careers fairs

As you ready yourself to appear at a careers fair, you could understandably feel excited at the prospect of potentially meeting a future star employee or even CEO of your firm. However, the right candidate might not actually realise that your company is right for them.

That’s the risk you could run if you fail to effectively spread the word about your company’s presence at the event. This is why you ought to not only advertise that presence on social media, but also leverage the power of the university’s own media prowess for further promotion.


Effectively engage with candidates

Once you have got the attention of promising students, you still need to clearly tell them what your company is about. This will be beneficial to both parties, as it needs to be established whether the candidate really is the right fit for your firm – including its workplace culture.

It works well here to be succinct, but also informative so that each interested student can gain the insight into your company that they need. This applies whether you are communicating on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter or in person at the careers fair itself.


Continue interacting with candidates after each event

Once you have drawn great numbers of students to chat to you at your booth and registered their interest in your company by getting them to join a mailing list or follow your company on social media, you need to take advantage of this captive audience by keeping the online and offline conversations flowing.


Furthermore, with a fixed-fee online recruitment solution from our team at Webrecruit, you could reach many more potential candidates and advertise your vacancies further – you never know which students might notice them.

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