Inundated with Job Applications? Here’s How Technology Can Help

With unemployment sadly on the rise after the impact of Covid-19, you might find yourself receiving a high number of applications for your live jobs, as well as speculative applications to work for your company.

If you’re unprepared for this influx and are currently operating as part of a lean HR function, you will likely find yourself struggling. Inefficient application management can sink HR teams and, without the right tools, you won’t be able to assess, manage and respond to large numbers of applications.

How can you manage a high volume of job applications?

Luckily, there are plenty of recruitment management systems on the market that can help you. Whether you’re dealing with 10 or 10,000 candidates, technology can help you process applications efficiently and provide a consistent candidate experience.

How exactly can technology help you?

Screen candidates more effectively with the right application questions

When dealing with potentially hundreds of applicants per job, you need a quick way of identifying the most qualified candidates.

Make your screening easier by asking the right questions on your online application form. You can also include ‘killer questions’ for any requirements that are absolute deal-breakers. Many recruitment management systems, including Webrecruit ATS, include candidate scoring functionality, which allows you to score candidates based on their answers to your application questions. This makes it easier to quickly view the most suitable candidates.

Communicate with candidates easily

One of the greatest annoyances for candidates is never hearing back from the company they’ve applied for a role with. It’s frustrating and can create a negative impression of your business.

Sadly, when companies experience a significant increase in the number of applications they receive, the candidate experience is usually the first thing to suffer, if they’re not equipped with the right tools. Luckily, recruitment management systems can help HR teams keep candidates updated.

By using technology, you can set up email templates that will be sent to candidates automatically once they’re reached a particular stage of the recruitment process, ensuring they’re always kept informed and updated.

Recruitment technology also allows you to send ad-hoc emails and SMS messages to multiple candidates at once, which will save hours of time and ensure the candidate experience doesn’t suffer.

Create a talent pool for the future

With a higher number of applications sadly comes a higher number of unsuccessful candidates. This is particularly frustrating if you’ve attracted a number of skilled applicants who you’d love to hire but only have one role available.

Recruitment management systems allow you to create talent pools, which are a neat way of storing and searching for candidates. You can tag these applicants with particular skills and scores, making it easy to search your talent pool and identify qualified candidates to contact about future vacancies within your company.

After all, they might not have been right for this particular opportunity, but they might be perfect for an upcoming role in the future.

Store candidate data safely and securely

Technology can make it much easier to store, identify and delete candidate data, which is important under GDPR. If you’re still managing your applications manually and have hundreds of CVs and application forms floating around your inbox, it can be difficult to identify and delete this information.

Recruitment management systems can make this much easier; for example, Webrecruit ATS allows you to erase all data held on a candidate with the click of a button. You can also set up automated deletion cycles and set an expiry data on candidate information.

Looking for an easier way of managing your candidates? Book your demo of Webrecruit ATS.

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