Candidate experience

What can you do to enhance your firm’s candidate experience?

In today’s era of online recruitment that seemly already places so much emphasis on immediacy and efficiency, you might easily overlook the aspects in which your organisation’s candidate experience is still falling short.

If, after all, you wish to attract talent that is well-aligned with your own desired culture and values, you should do everything you can to minimise any frustration candidates are likely to experience when enquiring about, applying for and being interviewed in relation to your latest vacancies.

The good news, however, is that by taking steps to enhance the experience your company provides to all candidates, you can also greatly maximise the likelihood of making successful and long-lasting hires. So, so here are some of the best ways to accomplish this.


Test the hiring process from the candidate’s point of view

Given that the most active candidates will probably be applying for vacancies at more than one organisation as part of their job-seeking efforts, they will have an easy opportunity to compare the candidate experience you offer compared to rival organisations. If, then, your business gives them a negative experience, there’s a strong chance that they will communicate this to their peers.

This is why testing out your own application procedure can be so insightful. It may entail trying out your application form on multiple mobile devices to ensure the broadest possible compatibility, as well as casting a close eye over the instructions and providing more information if required. The amount of time that it takes to complete and submit the form should also factor into your thinking.


Treat all candidates as if they are top talent

As we mentioned above, any candidate who has an adverse experience of your brand when applying for a role with you is likely to make this clear to others they know. It therefore pays to treat all candidates like golden candidates to improve your reputation among the very best talent who will probably come to hear all manner of second-hand stories about your firm.

You could accomplish this by sharing links to information about your brand that enables candidates to learn more about your company culture and even connect with existing employees of yours. It also helps to be honest to candidates about your hiring procedures and timelines if you are to minimise confusion and frustration when they are awaiting the next stage of the process.

Even simply a warm and friendly interview style could go a long way to building positive vibes about your company. Remember that even the candidates who demand the highest standards from themselves will not wish to work in an unfriendly, intimidating and stressful environment, and that they will make judgements about your company culture on the basis of their interview experience.


The continual refinement of the candidate experience is vital

As organisations across the UK and the world constantly seek out new ways of optimising their recruitment processes, the candidate experience has increasingly come under the spotlight. As a consequence, it is imperative that your own business always considers how it can improve this aspect of its hiring so that it can maintain competitiveness in the fight for top talent.


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