Recruitment Marketing Idea: Using Workplace Benefits to Attract Remote Employees

Recruitment Marketing Idea: Use Workplace Benefits to Attract Remote Employees

A great recruitment marketing idea is to use workplace benefits to attract remote applicants.


When applying for a role, one of the first things a candidate does is look at the benefits an organisation offers; this is particularly important for remote workers, as many candidates looking for remote work will have several potential employment options.


Companies that offer remote working have the advantage of attracting non-local talent, allowing them to garner a more extensive range of potential candidates. On the other hand, these candidates have numerous options regarding who they choose to apply to, so getting your recruitment marketing positioning right is essential to hire successfully.


Isn’t Remote Working Already a key Benefit I can use for my Recruitment Marketing?


It’s definitely a good idea to highlight working from home in your recruitment marketing material. However, according to the latest ONS governmental figures, over 50% of organisations in the tech, comms, scientific and finance industries offer home working options through either hybrid or entirely homeworking conditions.


This means it’s vital for employers to approach homeworking from a distinct angle, understanding remote employees’ other expectations and desires and making company benefits tangible for remote workers.


Recruitment Marketing Idea: Potential Benefits for Remote Employees


After working with hundreds of companies around the country, Webrecruit has been able to assess the benefits likely to impact a hiring campaign’s success.


Here are some recruitment marketing ideas to get you started:


1) Promote your collaborative and supportive company culture


Starting a new job can be exciting, nerve-wracking and challenging. This is why applicants like to know about company culture before applying.


Despite numerous benefits to remote working, government surveys indicate some employees find it challenging to collaborate online with their team. This can leave them feeling lonely or forgotten about.


Something as simple as highlighting the support/training employees receive, a focus on online collaboration or the opportunity to progress can be a great idea from a recruitment marketing perspective.


2) Providing home office equipment


Did you know that some employees aren’t provided equipment for their home environment?


Providing home office provisions acts as an excellent benefit for remote employees. Assisting with home costs for additional equipment like monitors and keyboards is a great way to keep employees happy. It also ensures remote workers have the tools necessary to flourish in their position.


3) Initiatives for employee wellbeing


As society becomes increasingly aware of the impact of wellbeing, including mental health, multiple companies have begun to incorporate wellbeing support within their organisations.


Yet, it’s an aspect that’s rarely highlighted during a recruitment marketing campaign.
Emphasising employee assistance programmes, promoting well-being webinars, or showcasing how you support counselling are excellent recruitment marketing ideas.


4) Free subscriptions to publications and training


Most professional candidates understand the benefits of staying up-to-date with their professional development. So why not show you recognise and encourage it in your recruitment marketing material?


If you’re an organisation that provides subscriptions to marketing, finance or tech industry magazines, or even memberships to professional learning institutes, showcase this in your job advertisement or careers site!


It’s a fantastic recruitment marketing idea, as it demonstrates you encourage self-learning and professional development within your organisation. It also lets potential candidates see what it’s like to be part of your organisation long-term, driving home the advantages of applying for a job with you.


5) Other benefits


Although not necessarily highlighted here, when writing this blog, we chose benefits that readers might not have thought about including in their current recruitment campaign. But there are plenty more, such as holiday schemes or regular company get-togethers. Feel free to comment below on any others you can think of.


How to Showcase These Benefits to Potential Candidates


There are two primary avenues a company can take when showcasing benefits – these include job advertisements and careers sites.


Job advertisements:


A job advertisement should aim to spark the interest of the ideal candidate, highlighting duties that will be particularly stimulating. It is the perfect opportunity to sell a job’s enjoyable, exciting or unusual responsibilities during your recruitment marketing campaigns.


Read more about job advertising here.


Webrecruit is dedicated to ensuring your job advertisements are as impactful as possible.
With an experienced copywriting team and a dedicated customer service team, we work closely with partners to ensure they get the best candidates to interview for their job.


Get in touch with us to help upgrade your job advertisements today!


Careers Site:


For any new and potential employees, your careers site is likely to be the first insight they have into your organisation. It’s how they’ll get a feel for your employer’s brand, your values and what it would be like to work for you. It can make or break a candidate’s decision to apply.


Read more about Careers Sites here.


Webrecruit has the perfect answer for organisations requiring a careers site. With our easy-to-use templates and budget-friendly approach to careers site solutions, we can help develop careers sites that will excite new candidates and help with your recruitment marketing needs.


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