Using Social Media For Recruitment Marketing

Using Social Media for Recruitment Marketing


Did you know that over 70% of candidates use social media to aid their job search?


With more than half of the world’s population actively using social media, it’s the perfect place for an organisation to make an impression on candidates when hiring.


So, it’s unsurprising that organisations are looking to use social media more and more when looking to access the widest pool of candidates.


Social Media is a recruitment marketing tool many Webrecruit client partners now include in their recruitment advertising campaigns. It’s helped create cost efficiencies, locate engaged candidates and garner more applications than organisations have previously had.


Use Social Media to Make the Most of Your Recruitment Marketing Spend


Job boards are a fantastic method of getting in front of the right candidate and will always be a central aspect of any good recruitment marketing campaign; saying that, anyone running a recruitment campaign will want to optimise their spending to be as best-placed as possible.


Social Media acts as a perfect, cost-effective tool for any hiring campaign.


If an organisation already has a considerable following on their social media channels,  regular posting on these social media becomes a free promotion tactic to an audience already engaged with a brand.


Paid promotion on social media channels, where you can pay per click on a job post, also boost your hiring efforts. Those hiring can adjust a recruitment marketing campaign whilst it’s running, potentially improving its chance of success.


Use Social Media to Increase Reach and Engagement


With LinkedIn having access to over 800 million professionals and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) reaching over 1.6 billion active users, the perfect candidate will likely spend their free time scrolling through a social platform.


With this in mind, it’s a great recruitment marketing idea to use these channels to get eyes on your job advertisement!


We discussed how social channels have a pay-per-click pricing scheme, meaning if candidates interact with an ad, they’re likely to be genuinely interested in your brand. This means that candidates coming through social campaigns have a high brand engagement before they even begin applying for the role, increasing the chance of them finishing an application.


Have a Social Media Job Posting Template


Advertising a job for free on your social media channels is a great recruitment marketing idea. Followers may leave comments to refer friends, be interested in the position themselves and even go onto your careers site to find out more information.


We suggest you create a set template for job advertisements on Social Media, as it ensures consistency around branding and narrative.


Remember, social posts are primarily to get candidates interested and aren’t job descriptions, so keeping it simple is vital to success.


For example:

We’re looking for a [Job Role] to join our [Company Team] in [Location].

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to join an ever-expanding, employee-led organisation.

To apply and learn more about the role, visit [Link to Job Role on Careers Site]

[Image of The Team or Company Branding]


Use Recruitment Marketing Specialists to Improve Social Media Campaign Performance


In most business areas, it’s common practice for organisations to use external agencies and specialists, even if they have great in-house teams.


Established in-house marketing teams will use marketing research agencies or SEO specialists, whilst in-house finance teams will use external financial companies to aid in their job. So, why wouldn’t a HR team use a Recruitment Advertising Specialist to help with a hiring campaign?


Unlike recruitment agencies that take candidates completely through an application process, Recruitment Advertising Specialists work closely with in-house recruiters to ensure the marketing of a role is as impactful as possible.


Having worked with hundreds of clients on social media campaigns, Webrecruit has specialist knowledge of making paid advertisements over social media successful. So, get in touch if you’re interested in finding out how we could help your recruitment campaigns succeed.


Final Top Tip: Remember to get your hiring managers and employees to share posts so you can reach a broader audience.


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