Recruitment Marketing in 2023

Recruitment Marketing: Are you Prepared to Recruit in 2023?

Are your recruitment marketing campaigns ready for 2023?


Whether you’re looking to recruit for roles now or will be in the upcoming year, having a plan on how you’re going to run a recruitment marketing campaign can be the difference between success or failure in hiring.


To help kickstart your New Year and make the most of 2023, we’ve put together a list of few things that can improve the chances of a recruitment marketing campaign succeeding.


Be Aware of Peak Recruitment Times


Did you know that in January, the number of applicants a company will receive increases?


Every year analytics gathered from our proprietary recruitment software, Webrecruit ATS, has shown a substantive increase in the number of applicants that apply during January. With New Year bringing in a fresh start many candidates think the beginning of the year is the perfect time to job hunt.


Many of our client partners have noticed this trend and use January to capture top talent. So, if you aren’t doing so already, make sure you don’t miss the January rush, even if just for talent pooling purposes.


It’s not just January that sees a spike in applications, as June/July and October/November also has an increase in the number of people looking for work.


If you’re recruiting for seasonal or non-seasonal work, taking advantage of the June / July spike to find keen candidates for summer/seasonal work is a perfect way of filling roles. Even if candidates primarily look for seasonal jobs, they would still consider long-term roles for the right organisation and the opportunity presented itself.


Also, if your aim is to fill junior roles with qualified employees, there’s always a spike in graduates looking for work in October/November. As University students get their results, their next step will be finding a great company to work for; so make sure you’re prepared to attract these candidates during October/November, as a fresh influx of talent can improve an organisation’s long-term resilience and capabilities.


Use Recruitment Marketing to Begin Talent Pooling [Even if You Aren’t Hiring yet]


Particularly useful when recruiting for specialist and technical roles, talent pooling is gathering a database of strong candidates that you can contact for current or future positions. A good talent pool database contains information about a candidate, the skills they possess, the roles they could fill and why they fit within the company culture.


2023 is the perfect year to start or update your pool of talent. In the previous section, we discussed how during January, there’s an influx of applications; however, not all organisations have roles available during this time. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of the January rush by using the beginning of the New Year to increase your talent pool for when a position opens up.


Recruitment Marketing: How to You Create a Talent Pool


Creating a talent pool means having a system that can easily keep track of candidate profiles. Systems like the Webrecruit ATS allow users to use CV data to build comprehensive profiles of candidates, so you can effortlessly search a talent pool for suitable matches. With Webrecruit ATS, you can efficiently structure your candidates with tagging, search for them through advanced search structures, and keep your talent pool data clean by automatically erasing duplicated profiles.


Be Aware of Upcoming Events That Employees are Interested in


We’ve spoken in other blogs about how the stronger a company’s branding and culture is, the easier it is to recruit – so, as a member of HR or management, you likely need ideas on how to enhance your work culture to help attract high-end candidates to your vacancies.


A quick recruitment marketing win that can enhance an organisation’s culture is being aware of upcoming dates your workforce will be interested in. Knowing these dates will allow you to promote or create company events around these occasions.


To get you started, here’s an idea you can use for January 2023.


National Fun at Work Day – 27th January 2023


Spending a day to inject fun into a workplace can help break employees from the monotony of work and keep workers satisfied. As it’s the last Friday in January, it’s also a great way of introducing those new hires that came in during the month to the organisation’s overall culture.


It doesn’t have to be elaborate field trips or an entire write-off for the day, but office company games, quizzes or pizzas will act as a nice little boost to morale.


Note: Remember to take pictures or videos for your careers site and social media to showcase your organisation’s people, culture and benefits.


Get in Touch With Recruitment Marketing Professionals


A final piece of advice we can give that will really change your recruitment over 2023, is to contact a recruitment marketing specialist to help advertise your job roles.


As a specialist in the field, Webrecruit work with organisations such as Thatcher’s and the RNLI to ensure they find the right candidates for their job roles.


“When I came to the RNLI, I was aware that we could do better in reach and price; Webrecruit’s offering was the benchmark in my mind from previous experience. I looked at competitors, but Webrecruit was the right choice for the RNLI in terms of their advertising package and level of service.” – Kevin Barnard, Recruitment Manager at the RNLI.


If you’re in need of a boosting your recruitment advertising capabilities, Webrecruit can help:

  • Reduce overall advertising costs
  • Advise on EDI practices to boost organisational resilience
  • Advise/copywrite your job advertisements to make the most impact
  • Find the best place to find your ideal candidate
  • Free up time so you can focus on other areas of work

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