August recruitment

3 aspects of your HR processes to look at carefully in August

You might think the end of the year is the most opportune time to reflect on your HR department’s operations; in truth, though, this is something that should be done more than once every 12 months. As the summer nears its end is quite a good time, in fact, as you’ll be able to consider what has and hasn’t worked, and what urgently needs to be corrected heading into autumn.

We therefore thought we’d pick out just some of the elements of your HR that you should be thinking about afresh right now.



The summer can be a notoriously slow hiring period for many organisations. So, why not take the time now to review your recruitment efforts during the first two quarters of the year, and carry out a sizable revamp or a few smaller tweaks if necessary?

You’ll need to ask yourself the big questions. How long did it take for your firm to transform that candidate making his first query about your open position into a paid employee? Also, how many vacancies did your firm have during the first half of the year, and how many of them did you fill?


Employee harmony

Even if your employees normally work together without a hint of friction, it’s inevitable that there might be conflict from time to time. However, you also shouldn’t write off the occasional argument as simply being representative of the territory of a stressful office or workplace.

Instead, be proactive by reviewing the last six months’ complaints. Do certain patterns of disagreement keep coming up? Have all issues giving rise to arguments been completely resolved? If you have any lingering concerns, it might be worth following up with your employees.



The HR software space is changing all of the time, and it can be very easy to miss the emergence of new packages that you could do a lot to bolster your department’s efficiency and results. Much the same can be said of all of the problems with your existing HR technology that you may not otherwise ‘have the time’ to identify and troubleshoot – so why not do so now?

Applicant tracking systems, for instance, are a big speciality of ours here at Webrecruit, with our ATS package being our best yet. You might therefore be very thankful for having booked a demo of our highly rated software, to which we are adding new features on a monthly basis.


There’s much more that we can help you with here at Webrecruit, as far as getting the best out of your company’s HR activities is concerned. Give our team a call today on 01392 829400, and we can talk to you about the industry-leading hiring solutions in our range that may best suit your business.

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