Boost the success of your online recruitment video

What qualities will boost the success of your online recruitment video?

It’s probable that like us, you will have watched a lot of recruitment videos down the years, and become familiar with certain tropes. Does every office-based business really need to show off its ping-pong table, for example? And why do so many firms seem to think they are unique on the strength of their ‘personal’ customer service alone?

We’ve noticed many of these same things – as well as that small to medium-sized brands haven’t got to grips with online recruitment videos to the extent deeper-pocketed rivals have.

But not having a multi-million-pound budget shouldn’t bar you from creating a compelling recruitment video or two. Indeed, below are just some of the characteristics of such a video that could be instrumental in making it stand out from the crowd.


A diverse, varied and challenging company culture

In today’s age in which so much emphasis is played on the very real business benefits of diversity, depicting a range of employees from many different backgrounds in your video could be important for communicating to a prospective staffer that they will feel included and ‘one of the team’.

However, it’s also really helpful to produce an online recruitment video that shows diversity in the work that the candidate will do for you. There should be a sense, too, that their work with you will be meaningful and challenging. You will want to attract the best from the best of such diverse backgrounds, after all, rather than those looking to just cruise along in their career.


Emphasis on a great work-life balance

If anyone applies for your vacancies at all, it’s because they will want to make their own lives better in some way, which will hopefully go much further than an improved ability to pay the rent.

So, why not reflect this in your online recruitment video? Many of the most effective such videos don’t even show the employee at work. Instead, they might feature lots of shots from the worker’s recreational life, or with their family. By employing similar devices, you can make clear you share your candidate’s belief that their work life should benefit their home life, and vice versa.



This is a really important one. Even if your online recruitment video theoretically has all of the right elements – such as lots of useful information on your brand and what working for you involves – it won’t be convincing if it doesn’t feel natural and authentic to the viewer.

If your video comes across as forced and stilted, the best candidates will probably be affected by this in their decision on whether to apply for a role with you. So, be very careful not to overthink or overproduce your recruitment video.

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