People analytics

People analytics can be invaluable in your talent search campaigns

Much talk in the HR sector in recent years has centred on people analytics, the use of which many businesses have signalled to be a high priority for them going forward. But do you know much yourself about HR analytics and the drastic difference it could make to your efforts to get the right people through the doors of your company?


Introducing HR analytics

People analytics can be described as the process of analysing data related to employees and/or candidates, so that the most informed, data-driven HR decisions can be made.

Unsurprisingly, HR analytics has become a big focus for many ATS providers that are eager to incorporate the most advanced reporting functionality into their recruitment software solutions.

Being able to analyse important data about your current workers or candidates could be instrumental in measuring how effective your HR processes are, evaluating your workforce’s performance and hiring the right people for your vacancies.

But what do you need to think about when you are seeking to give HR analytics a central role in your talent acquisition efforts?


Are you collecting the right type of data?

In today’s new era following the passage of GDPR privacy rules in the EU, more and more employers are looking again at their processes for the collection of employee and candidate data.

If your business is doing the same, it’s a good time to consider whether you’re collecting the data that will truly aid you with your hiring decisions. It isn’t necessarily the sheer quantity of data that’s most important – instead, the quality of the data and how you use it should probably be the key areas of focus.

You may currently collect data in relation to such things as a candidate or worker’s location, years of employment, university degree and personality assessment results, and maybe even past performance data, like customer service rankings or performance reviews.


What do you need to find out?

With so much data to sift through, it’s crucial to consider what answers you wish to get from your use of HR analytics. For instance, your big focus may be on addressing what you feel to be the driving cause of your current retention issues. Alternatively, there may be certain soft skills or qualifications that you wish to target when on the hunt for candidates.


Then, it’s about pinpointing the solutions

So, you now have a clearer sense of what questions you need to answer with your people analytics. This means you’re finally in a position to start seeking the solutions that will enable you to best utilise such data. You’re therefore likely, in turn, to be comparing a range of ATS providers.

That’s why you may ask the Webrecruit team about our ATS software. It could be the ideal applicant tracking system when you are eager to better monitor vital metrics and view multiple key reports at a glance.


Book your own firm’s Webrecruit ATS demo today, and you could be making a vital first step to more data-driven, and therefore better-informed, talent acquisition decisions.

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