Improve your firm's talent pipeline

3 mantras that will help to improve your firm’s talent pipeline

No matter how tricky and unpredictable business conditions may become, one thing that remains consistently vital for organisations is building the strongest possible talent pipeline. But are you doing everything that you feasibly can as an employer to attract, retain and develop the best possible employees?

Unfortunately, simply having a need for talent won’t ensure the best candidates or employees suddenly turn up. That’s why it could really help your chances of success to keep the below mantras in mind when you are looking to optimise your company’s talent pipeline, for the present and the future.


I am responsible for sourcing new talent

No longer are we in the days when a firm’s leaders could safely delegate the task of seeking out new talent to the HR department. In truth, leaders at all levels within an organisation must consider talent scouting to be one of their responsibilities.

Furthermore, a great talent scout will always be on the lookout for potential new staffers, even if there isn’t a pressing need to fill a vacancy right now.

The best talent scouts are skilled at identifying talent in what may seem to be unusual places and circumstances, as well as in the cultivation of long-term relationships. In the process, they contribute to rich and sustainable talent pipelines at their companies.


My actions have a direct impact on my firm’s employer brand

Information has scarcely moved quicker or been so easy to access as it is in the Internet age. A candidate can therefore learn a lot about your organisation even before they receive an invite to an interview.

This leaves you with a certain responsibility to do everything you can to enhance, rather than damage, your firm’s employer brand. This will entail asking yourself how prospective candidates and employees already perceive your company, how that perception is affecting your efforts to attract and retain talent, and how you personally contribute to your company’s reputation.

Cultivating the best possible impressions in the marketplace for talent will go a long way to ensuring the best candidates frequently consider your firm as a potential destination.


I have a duty to help to improve organisational processes supporting the talent pipeline

Yes, there may be certain processes in relation to attracting talent that your HR team needs to accept the greatest responsibility for. However, as a leader within your firm, you can still provide invaluable ‘in-the-trench’ perspectives, which can inform improvements to your business’s strategies as far as building its talent pipeline is concerned.

You might have noticed that competitors are offering new benefits that are luring away talent, or feel that opportunities for progression at your business aren’t transparent enough to excite prospective new employees. Whatever – if you see something, you should say something.

Any business’s success is ultimately about its people, and this is certainly the case when you are attempting to build a free-flowing talent pipeline. Mantras like the above should therefore inform every aspect of your company’s online recruitment efforts.


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