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Your careers page doesn’t have to be one of the poorest parts of your site

It’s understandable that you may not wish to spend a huge amount of time even thinking about your company’s online careers page. It’s one of those pages of a site – such as the terms and conditions, privacy policy or accessibility page – that might not exactly seem like a great frontier for brand-building.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a part of your site that should be ignored. After all, it may well be one of your site’s most frequently visited pages, especially if you’re a prominent local employer or are presently undergoing strong growth.

So, why should you really care about your site’s careers page, and what can you do to maximise its potential?


The statistics back up the importance of careers sites

Several recent studies have indicated that while you might not wish to spend much time thinking about your firm’s careers page or even see great value in it, prospective candidates aren’t of the same mindset.

It has been said that six in 10 candidates, in fact, visit company careers pages to seek out jobs, as opposed to the about three in 10 who look at LinkedIn or job boards.

Furthermore, 56% of candidates consider a company’s website to be a top source of information about its employer brand.

Your company careers page, then, is the face that you show to much of the world – so it’s vital to make the best possible impression.


So, what steps could you take to enhance your careers page?

Some of the best measures that you can adopt for heightening the appeal of your careers site are grounded in those tried-and-trusted web marketing basics that can be so easily forgotten about when it comes to careers pages.

Given that so many people probably look at this part of your site, for example, why not take the opportunity to encourage visitors to engage with your brand as potential customers? This may entail such steps as incorporating special offers into the page or asking visitors to rate the page.

However, you might also integrate features into your careers page that are of more obvious immediate relevance to jobseekers, such as the ability for candidates to opt in to receive text notifications about new openings at your firm. It’s also advisable to make it as easy as possible for visitors to share vacancy listings and company information with their social networks.


We are skilled at uniting applicant tracking systems with careers sites

Finally, there’s the not-insignificant possibility of having Webrecruit provide your firm with a beautifully crafted careers page that also links seamlessly with one of the leading applicant tracking systems, our very own Webrecruit ATS.

It’s just one more of the many steps that you could be taking in 2019 to give your company’s careers page the front-and-centre prioritisation it deserves.

In the process, you can help to ensure that your careers site makes a meaningful contribution to your business’s efforts to attract and retain the most talented and best-suited candidates for months and years to come.

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