Reward your employees

5 unusual and affordable ways to reward your employees

As easy as it is to imagine that jobseekers of any background, age or career stage are always likely to be tempted by financial rewards above almost any other, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Indeed, studies have consistently shown that many workers actually prefer other benefits to a pay rise. So, what perks could you give to your candidates or existing employees that they are likely to appreciate, thereby helping you to keep them with your company for longer?


VIP access

It is well-documented that many Millennials favour opportunities to enjoy new life experiences over materialistic items. This, combined with the fact that companies can often obtain better group rates than is possible for individuals, may lead you to consider offering tickets for concerts, shows and sporting events as a reward for successful applicants and your existing employees.


Volunteer days

Another common characteristic of younger workers is a heightened level of concern about environmental causes and social justice. You could therefore empower your employees to pursue such passions by giving them one or two days off from time to time to volunteer. Such a scheme could be linked to your firm’s wider corporate social responsibility efforts.


Parking spaces

Employees of yours who drive may be greatly disadvantaged by having to pay for a parking space or park a considerable distance away from the office; indeed, the inconvenience may deter some of them from driving to work at all. Your top-performing employees, then, could be highly appreciative of you providing parking spaces at your premises for their use.



We aren’t just referring here to the idea of treating your employees at Christmas or for their birthdays. Indeed, your best workers deserve to feel special right through the year, so you may opt to periodically reward them for great work with gift cards, gadgets or other presents. You could even think about giving each of your newcomers a welcome gift, such as a tablet or smart home device.


Simple recognition

It doesn’t necessarily require anything truly extravagant to make your vital employees feel appreciated. Sometimes, simply voicing your gratitude is enough – as you may do by acknowledging or thanking them in person, or even sending out an email across the department or company to single out a staff member for their sterling efforts recently.


Online recruitment and offline retention go hand in hand when your firm is attempting to construct the most effective workforce, for both the here and now and the years ahead. Our flat-fee and tailored recruitment services here at Webrecruit can go a long way to enabling you to achieve this, so why not email our team or call 01392 829400 for further information?

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