Attract B2B Marketing Professionals

3 steps to luring the right B2B marketing staff to your company

The B2B marketing professionals that you have working for you could make the difference between surpassing your business goals this year, and falling agonisingly short.

The best such workers combine powers of analysis with creative skill to help to generate more opportunities for your business.

But what do you need to do with your recruitment process to get the right B2B marketing staff on board, and away from your competitors?


Be clear about your requirements

Headhunting for B2B marketing talent should not commence until you have pinpointed your needs from such employees. You won’t be able to do that, though, without scrutinising the present state of your team.

What skills and experience do the B2B marketing workers already under your roof possess, and what do they lack? Consider such insights alongside your growth expectations for the coming months and years, and you’ll be in a much better position to determine the qualities you need from new recruits.


Prioritise exceptional talent over previous experience

B2B environments are dynamic, and therefore need dynamic professionals to match.

This means that while certain candidates picked up by your firm’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) may have slightly better-developed CVs than others, it is the candidates who are especially adaptable and open to learning and change who will probably have the greatest underlying potential.

Yes, it’s brilliant to see candidates come through who already have some relevant professional training and experience under their belts. However, this is merely a bonus – it’s the candidate who is a quick learner and has a growth mindset that you may be better advised to look out for.


Invest in a comprehensive, efficient and well-priced ATS

We mentioned applicant tracking systems above, and it’s true that the most functional and generously featured ATS can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your search for new B2B marketing personnel.

Webrecruit’s own ATS is a case in point, with its straightforward and intuitive interface and the ability that it gives hiring teams to manage, whittle down and communicate with applicants.

With other perks of this well-regarded software including the swift posting of job adverts, exceptional ease in setting up appointments and advanced reporting that enables you to make highly informed recruitment decisions, Webrecruit ATS could prove to be quite the secret weapon for your own HR team.


It couldn’t be easier to experience our recruitment software for yourself

Sourcing major B2B marketing talent can be tricky at the best of times – never mind during periods like now when the best candidates frequently have many job offers from which to choose.

That’s why every proven method, resource and technology that you can call upon could be invaluable in your efforts to attract the right B2B marketing employees during 2019.

Book a demo of our highly rated platform, Webrecruit ATS, now, and you’ll soon see just what impact one of the leading applicant tracking systems presently on the market could have on your own firm or department’s hiring campaigns.

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