4 top tips to optimise your recruitment marketing strategy


Attracting top talent at present is proving to be a tough task for many; national labour and skills shortages, the effects of the pandemic and up-and-down economic growth are impacting far and wide.


So, how can you optimise your recruitment marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your roles, get them in front of the right people and showcase your employer brand? Read our latest blog to find out more!


Plan your Recruitment Marketing Strategy


When you need to hire, the temptation can be to run head-first into setting out on a talent attraction tour de force without first taking a step back and looking at what would best serve your end goals.


For example, you may need to recruit for a Finance Officer at the same time you are looking to hire a Receptionist; these two roles could require completely different approaches to successfully hire. For example, the former being a more vocational role will be best supported by advertising on vocational job boards and a Sponsored LinkedIn Campaign, whereas the latter could be best served by advertising on generalist boards and backed up with a Sponsored Facebook campaign. The key here is to invest your time, efforts, and funds wisely from the outset.


Optimised Job Advertisements


Before considering where to advertise, you need to think about what you are advertising and how you can best optimise your job advertisement to stand out from the crowd. No longer are perfunctory and mundane responsibility lists the norm, and instead, employers are becoming more creative when setting out their job advertisements.


Things to consider when optimising your adverts range from simple things like making sure the layout is right and easy to read and ensuring benefits are clearly modulated from responsibilities to making sure your employer brand and values stand out from your words to attract top talent.


Think Social Media


Social Media platforms are great to consider when planning your recruitment marketing strategy – not only do they give you a wide reach (and access to a more diverse as well as passive candidate market), they will also support in getting your name and brand out there to be viewed as an employer of choice.


Campaigns can be set up on social media to target specific skill sets, locations and even interests to get your vacancy in front of potential candidates who would be more likely to be suitable and apply for your roles, meaning you are making the most of your recruitment spend.


Careers Site – Your “Shop Window”


Careers and recruitment sites can play an important role in supporting your talent attraction and acquisition initiatives. A careers site provides a candidate with a bespoke glimpse into your business, showcasing your work culture and your available vacancies at the same time.


Even if you don’t have any live roles, having a careers site set up that can attract speculative talent to your organisation is no bad thing; having a talent pool at your fingertips can help make your hiring less reactive whilst also engaging your talent pool with your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), making you an “employer of choice over an employer by chance”.


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