How to optimise your careers and recruitment websites


Careers sites, recruitment websites and application portals play a key part in the talent attraction and acquisition for many organisations. These attraction and application facets help you to showcase your employer brand and vacancies in a way that is reflective of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), allowing you to create a candidate-facing, friendly ecosystem through which you can obtain candidates.


So, how best to optimise your careers and recruitment websites? Read Webrecruit’s latest blog to find out more!


Do you have a careers site or recruitment website?


This may sound like an odd place to start, but it is important to take a step back and look at any candidate facing part of your website. Some organisations simply have a page, or a mention, that CVs can be sent speculatively to an email address or to enquire directly; admittedly, this does not equate to a careers site or recruitment website.


However, if you have a space in which you can showcase your organisation, your roles and values, then it is important to look at how to make the best of your site! (Alternatively, it could be the time to make a start on creating a careers and recruitment website and portal for your business).


Be on-brand


Your careers and recruitment website and portal should be a true reflection of your business, so needs to be on-brand both from a visual and wording (tone of voice). Your commercial brand should intrinsically link with and reflect your EVP, helping candidates to easily envisage what it will be like to be an employee.


When it comes to showcasing your EVP and people mission, try and make sure it is impactful, image conscious and not too wordy; on average, a candidate will spend 90 seconds looking through your careers and recruitment website and it should therefore be captivating and engaging at every level, funnelling candidates down to apply.


Accessibility for all


EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) is a cornerstone of many talent acquisition strategies, with EDI being a necessity over a nicety to ensure true diversity in the workplace that garners fresh perspectives and improves operational performance. What part does your careers and recruitment website play?


A large part – having a careers site and portal that has accessibility in mind can play a key role in encouraging inclusivity and diversity within your talent pool. For example, your website could be optimised with a large font option or colour-accessible coding to make your website accessible for those who otherwise may struggle to navigate and review your site. There are many other considerations, and it is worth researching or seeking advice on what your organisation can do to improve this.


Integration with recruitment software


Whilst not immediately front facing, having your careers and recruitment websites integrated with recruitment software, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or HRIS, means that the candidate journey via your careers and recruitment website can end with a formal repository where a candidate can finish their application, and you can collect it.


An ATS or HRIS can also add instant functionality to your careers and recruitment website, including instant feeds that showcase all your roles, as well as guide candidates down a specific application route.


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