Common Challenges When Searching for Top Talent

5 Common Challenges Recruiters Face When Searching for Top Talent

Recruiting today exists in a much different landscape than it did 10 years ago. With more and more remote positions popping up and the increasing amount of annual leave being offered by competitors, it can be difficult to attract top talent to your company. Recruiting is already difficult —don’t let other factors make the process any harder than it needs to be.

Search for top talent successfully by learning how to overcome recruitment challenges. With the right reputation, message, process and help, you’ll be hiring top talent in no time.

Overcome These Five Recruitment Challenges

Overcoming these challenges is essential to your company’s health and will help positively grow it’s brand. In the end, your company is only as strong as its employees.

1. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is crucial to any recruiting process. With a poor brand reputation (whether it be from disgruntled past employees or public scandal) fewer candidates will want to work for you. It’s as simple as that. It’s important you show the candidates that do — that the reputation is false and your company is a great place to work.

How do you do that? Start with your personal reputation as a recruiter. If you say you’re going to set an interview, set an interview. If you commit to a phone call, make the phone call. Be upfront with your candidates and protect your personal and professional brand name.

2. Current Labour Market

The current labour market is candidate led. Employers are no longer calling the shots by offering positions. For every position offered, there’s a similar if not nearly identical one within a 100 mile radius. This isn’t to say that your brand isn’t unique or valuable, it’s just the reality of the current market.

Take .NET Developers for example. They’re in high-demand and when looking for employment likely have multiple offers at their fingertips. To overcome this you’ll need to create incentive (extra holiday or work from home capabilities) for these high-demand candidates.

3. Competition

Competition for candidates used to exist only within geographical proximity. Today’s workforce is much more likely to relocate for a better opportunity. They have no problem moving because even if they’re in a relationship, their partner can likely find new employment or continue their current employment remotely. There’s heightened competition in recruiting today and you’ll have to be aware of it to overcome it.

4. Recruitment Process

It sounds strange to include your recruitment process as a challenge, but in reality, it’s a big challenge. Long recruitment processes deter candidates. Your recruitment process needs to be streamlined. You’ll want to get in touch with candidates the minute they express interest and get the ball rolling. It’s important to keep in mind that while candidates are interviewing with you, they’re also interviewing elsewhere. A thorough process is important to ensure a good fit, but gone are the days of month long processes.

Further, your recruitment process will speak to your workplace environment. A slow, clunky and elongated process will signify the same in your workplace. A progressive, quick and intuitive process will build candidate’s interest and entice them to work for you.

5. Top Talent Accessibility

Connecting with top talent isn’t always easy. Not everyone is on LinkedIn. Adverts should be highly specific to each vacancy and posted in creative ways. Also, you’ll need to make sure that you’re posting adverts to specialised job boards, social media and relative hiring campaigns. Doing so will find you the best candidates.

An ATS can help you overcome all of these obstacles quickly.

Overcoming all of these challenges can be tricky to do on your own. Luckily, there are platforms that can do so for you. For example, Webrecruit’s ATS can handle all five of these challenges.

With Webrecruit’s ATS, you’ll be able to overcome a poor brand reputation through a managed recruitment pipeline. This way you’ll know immediately if you have a new applicant to reach out to. You’ll be able to overcome the current labour market and your competition by getting adverts posted quicker. Further, the ATS will streamline your recruiting process and post your adverts on the best job boards attracting top talent.

Enlisting an ATS will take the stress out of recruiting and ultimately save you time and money while providing the best-possible fit candidates automatically. To learn about others who’ve had success with a Webrecruit ATS, view our case studies or request a brochure.

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