5 Reasons You Need an ATS in 2019

5 Reasons You Need an ATS in 2019

Is recruitment software part of your plans for the year ahead? If you’re not currently using technology within your recruitment process and you have no plans to, you could be missing a trick.

We’re big fans of recruitment technology at Webrecruit (and not just because we produce it!) Long before we created our proprietary applicant tracking system, Webrecruit ATS, we used all kinds of technology to manage our processes and we saw how much of a game changer it was.

If you’re one of the many businesses out there currently relying on manual methods of logging candidate activity and managing your applications, here are some of the reasons why you might want to reconsider your decision as we go into the year ahead.

1. No more siloed processes

What tools do you currently use in your recruitment process? How many people are involved? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of unifying everyone?

The most common hold-up to efficient hiring that we see is poor communication between departments. Businesses operate more effectively when your departments are aligned both in their thinking and their use of technology; we strongly believe that this should be your number one priority for 2019.

Adopting a technology-focused approach and introducing recruitment software, such as an ATS, to your business makes hiring more streamlined as it ensures that both your HR team and hiring managers are on the same page.

Candidates are visible to anyone who is granted permission to view the role and each party can leave feedback notes against each candidate, with a full audit trail and activity log so you can see exactly where candidates are in the process and what action has been taken.

2. More efficient reporting

When it comes to making HR and recruitment decisions, having easy access to high quality data is vital. Additionally, 69% of talent professionals believe that using data can actually elevate their careers, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report.

When everything is logged digitally, it’s easier and more accurate to report on the number of applicants you’ve received for each role, as well as their sources, their behaviour and what stage of the process they’re at.

Without this information held within one centralised system, you will have to manually collate the data, which is time consuming and means that errors are more likely to occur.

3. Easier compliance

With GDPR forcing many businesses to reform their data management, maintaining compliance within your recruitment process is more important than ever.

HR teams don’t just want easier access to data; they want more secure ways of managing personal information and simpler ways of deleting all data at a candidate’s request. Without using technology, it can be complex to remain compliant as you would be forced to trawl through your inbox and files on your computer, manually deleting each candidate’s details.

With all CVs and applications stored on a secure server, Webrecruit ATS offers a reliable platform in which to keep your candidates’ data safe. Additionally, the system allows you to mass delete data; simply set an expiration date or remove all trace of candidates’ personal information with the click of a button.

4. Build bigger (and better) talent pools

When you have a vacancy in your business, you need to get it filled fast. The longer a role is left unfilled, the more costly it can be.

Rather than simply advertising the role on the job boards and waiting for applications to flood in, your ATS can provide you with instant access to your own talent pool. This talent pool is made up of candidates who have previously applied for specific roles with you or who have expressed an interest in working for your company.

An ATS allows you to search for candidates with specific skill-sets, qualifications or experience so you can quickly identify anyone suitable in your talent pool and reach out directly, rather than having to wait to receive applications. Talent pools enable you to be proactive in your approach which will help you to cut down on the time and money it takes to fill a vacancy.

5. Provide a better candidate experience

An ATS isn’t just a great benefit internally; it also delivers a more positive experience for candidates.

In our candidate survey, the biggest frustration amongst candidates was lack of communication from employers regarding their applications. By applying through an ATS, candidates are presented with an application confirmation email and will receive automated email updates from you as you progress their application.

For HR teams and hiring managers using Webrecruit ATS, you can send bulk communications to candidates and customise all email templates to suit the style of your business. All communications are automatically logged within the system so all parties are aware of what’s been sent out.

An ATS also allows candidates to complete their entire application online, accept or decline interviews and complete their onboarding process. It covers the full, end-to-end candidate journey, from initial application through to their first day on the job. This creates a modern impression of your business and allows their journey to be seamless rather than fragmented.

Are you looking at your recruitment software options for 2019? Book a demo of Webrecruit ATS or read more of our technology articles.

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