Are you deterring candidates?

Could these common problems be deterring people from applying for your vacancy?

The Internet may – at least in theory – give your firm a broader and deeper audience for its job advertisements than any other channel, but that won’t necessarily make it easy for you to fill your open positions.

Indeed, there are certain frequent issues that can potentially crop up with a given job listing that could mean you are left waiting for days or even weeks for a half-decent candidate to apply.

So, what are some of the problems that could be holding back your company from receiving the right expressions of interest in its latest vacancies, and what can you do about it?


A poor title

All too often, those writing job advertisements succumb to the temptation to use a more ‘quirky’ or ‘offbeat’ title for their job advert that simply doesn’t result in enough of the right people seeing it.

If, for instance, you advertise for a ‘copywriting hero’, you run the risk that those who perform a search on the given job board for something like ‘content writer’ or ‘SEO copywriter’ don’t see your opening. It may seem like a colourful and fun title, but it lacks precision.

You therefore need to consider what title will help to ensure most of the people to whom you want to appeal actually will see your job advertisement in the first place. At the same time, you must ensure it is a sufficiently engaging title to make them want to click through to your more detailed information.


You haven’t stated the optimum pay level

The salary that you specify in your job advertisement can massively influence whether people apply for your vacancy – and who applies for it.

If you set the wage at a ‘junior’ level, for instance, you can expect to attract ‘junior’ talent, rather than the more experienced and ambitious candidates that you may be seeking.

It’s vital to consider what signals you are sending out with the salary that you stipulate in your job advert, in the context of what is typical for this type and level of position in your industry, and potentially in your firm’s specific town or city as well.


The job advert doesn’t convey reputability

Unfortunately, while the Internet can be a brilliantly open arena for recruiting, this openness also lends itself to darker and murkier elements. Scammers can abound when it comes to job adverts, so you need to give candidates every possible reason to trust you.

Even just including all of those small, but nonetheless important details – such as your company name, a link to your brand’s website and a physical address – could give prospective applicants for your vacancy so much greater peace of mind.


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