Keep hold of your employees

Are you doing everything possible to keep hold of your employees?

Whatever your company’s sector or stage of growth, your investment in online recruitment is likely to be significant – so you will want to make sure you get the very best value out of it.

That won’t be the case, though, if the employees that you have worked so hard to recruit keep on leaving. In fact, not only does a personnel departure create the need for you to spend once more on an online recruitment campaign, but it could also wreak havoc on the cohesion, chemistry and morale of your broader team.

So, what are the steps that you can take to help to ensure as many of your staffers as possible actually remain on board – for not just weeks or months, but years to come?


Cultivate employee loyalty from the get-go

It’s never too early to begin all of the efforts that will encourage your latest recruit to stay with your firm for the long run. You need to consider whether you are sending out all of the right signals to your employee from the moment they become your employee.

Are you, for example, already presenting them with intriguing educational and professional development opportunities? Are you making them feel like they’re playing a central role in your company’s mission? Are you also receptive to any concerns they have, and continually looking for ways to address those concerns so that they rarely have any reason to look to the exit door?


Make communication central to your relationships with your employees

We touched on it above, but it’s worth emphasising – you should always preserve open channels of communication with your current workers.

That should entail always making clear to your employees just how important they are to the ‘big picture’ of your company’s success. However, it should also mean constantly asking your staffers about any problems, struggles or fears that they presently have. As you do, you should be proactive in coming up with ways to make their lives easier.


Respect your staff’s desire for work-life balance

Generally speaking, your employees want to be able to have a life outside work. Preserving a healthy work-life balance is a key concern for many employees today, and you have a leading role to play in helping to make this possible for them.

When we say ‘leading’, we mean leading by example – so you might want to think twice, for example, about regularly sending emails with urgent requests to your workers late into the evening. Giving your workers a certain amount of flexibility with regard to hours and opportunities to work from home can also pay major dividends for bolstering retention.


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