5 Recruitment Marketing Tips For Your Business

5 Recruitment Marketing Tips for Your Business

More and more organisations are embracing recruitment marketing tactics to develop their employer brand and overall employee value proposition (EVP).

However, if you’re new to the concept of recruitment marketing, it can seem daunting. This is why we’ve put together some recruitment marketing tips to help you on your way.

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Follow our recruitment marketing tips below to help you get started:

1. Sync up with your marketing team

Although employer branding activities might fall under HR’s remit, if you have an in-house marketing team you should aim to collaborate with them on your initiatives.

There are practical reasons behind this; for example, if you will be sharing employment-related content on your organisation’s social media accounts, this will need to be factored into your marketing team’s content calendar. However, you can also gain a great deal of insight to help shape your own strategy as they will likely have ideas and resources they can share with you.

2. Make sure your employer brand is an extension of your corporate brand

All recruitment content you share should tie into your organisation’s corporate branding guidelines. This means using the same font, the same style of graphics and the same tone of voice for your comms.

Your corporate brand and employer brand should link together seamlessly; for example, if your tone of voice is formal and serious, using colloquial language and puns within your employer branding comms will cause a disconnect.

3. Make the most out of free tools

An effective recruitment marketing strategy doesn’t need to cost the earth. Make the most of any free tools you have access to.

This could include your organisation’s social media accounts and any resources you already have. For example, do you have a colleague who makes great videos? Get them involved in recording testimonials from your employees that you can share!

4. Make recruitment marketing a company-wide initiative

Don’t just limit employer branding activities to your recruitment, HR and marketing teams. Get everyone involved and transform your colleagues into ambassadors of your organisation.

Encourage your colleagues to share employment-related content on their social media accounts and publicise your employee referrals scheme (if you have one – if not, consider setting one up!)

If possible, ask your colleagues to create their own content, talking about why they enjoy working for your organisation. Nothing feels more authentic that employee-written content.

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5. Constantly monitor data

Reporting on the success and impact of your activities is vital. Check your engagement statistics on your social media posts, monitor traffic to content on your careers site via Google Analytics and report on your application sources and profiles of candidates within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

You can then use this data to plan the next steps in your recruitment marketing strategy.

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