Are you hobbling your high-volume recruitment efforts?

Could you be unnecessarily hobbling your high-volume recruitment efforts?

If there’s one thing that will seemingly always be a feature of the hiring world, it is high-volume recruitment. A given vacancy can be regarded as a high-volume recruitment one when it attracts about 250 or more applicants – but is your HR team equipped to handle such numbers?

For too many companies, the response to this question is ‘no’. Indeed, a lot of potentially qualified staff for your firm may have been missed as a result of the sheer volumes of candidates that your hiring team needs to try to process from one day to the next.

So, what are some of the ways in which your company’s present high-volume recruitment strategy could be proving to be less than perfect – and what could you do to fix them?


Administrative duties can really mount up

When it comes down to it, your recruiters will want to spend as much time as possible on the core components of sourcing the right candidates for your vacancy, including making those all-important human connections. But they may instead be finding themselves buried under administrative tasks.

Indeed, your hiring staff may be accumulatively spending hours a day on such tasks as updating spreadsheets, sending information and calling candidates.

This is where the most up-to-date applicant tracking systems can so often come to the rescue, freeing up hiring teams to focus on cultivating candidate relationships and finding the best fit for open positions.

Our own recruitment software, Webrecruit ATS, for instance, enables you to do everything from posting job adverts faster and setting up appointments to searching for candidates by skill-set and monitoring diversity efforts, all with a few breezy button clicks.


Don’t look upon recruitment events as a burden

Can it be time-consuming and expensive to attend recruiting events – such as on university campuses – as an employer looking for new staff? Yes. However, such events also represent a potentially must-not-miss opportunity to give your firm a human face to those who may be contemplating your vacancies.

Much depends, of course, on selecting the right events to attend. However, when you put together an effective events strategy and implement it in a calculated fashion, you can help to expose your company and its brand to the right talent at an early stage. In the process, you could begin to create relationships with people who you could easily envisage working under your roof.


Referrals can be a magical thing, too

With past studies having indicated that referred candidates are quicker to hire than those sourced through career sites, and are also especially likely to be high in quality, you can’t overlook referrals if you wish to bolster the efficiency of your high-volume recruitment campaigns.

After all, someone who already works for you is likely to be especially appreciative of exactly what it takes to succeed as one of your employees. Referred candidates are also often a lot easier and less expensive to bring into the recruitment process than those from other channels.


Is now the time to embrace applicant tracking systems like ours?

Yes, high-volume recruiting can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! By adopting the above strategies and continually looking for new ways to optimise the efficiency of your high-volume hiring campaigns, you can free up your recruiters to spend much more time on the core tasks that they are best at.

Applicant tracking systems like Webrecruit ATS can certainly play a role in this – and it couldn’t be quicker or easier to book a demo of our own sophisticated and finely tuned platform.

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