Team player

How can you be sure of hiring a true team player?

Yes, you will want everyone that you recruit for your workforce to possess a high level of relevant technical skill and experience. But have you adequately considered how well that promising candidate would mesh with members of your existing team?

After all, it’s not enough for any employee of yours to merely be good at the more specialised aspects of their role. That’s because you will also need to hire people with the right basic teamwork skills. By this, we mean people who can cooperate and collaborate with your present personnel in pursuit of a common goal, rather than merely think about themselves.

Here are a few ways to maximise your chances of landing precisely that kind of employee when you next launch an online recruitment campaign.

Observe how they treat people

As soon as the candidate turns up to the interview, you should start to see signs of their ability to work with other people – or lack thereof.

While any candidate who is eager to impress will be polite and friendly towards you if you are their interviewer, you can learn a lot by observing whether they greet the receptionist as they walk in, or return hellos from your current staffers. Their general body language, too, should be open instead of standoffish.

Quiz them about their past achievements

It might be one of the most obvious things that you could ask a candidate, but you might not be accustomed to considering their answer from a teamwork perspective.

Does the candidate frame their previous accomplishments in a manner that emphasises teamwork, collaboration and working with others? It’s only to be expected that they will wish to claim as much credit as possible for their achievements. However, their response to these questions should still show an awareness of other workers’ vital contributions.

Present some hypothetical scenarios

You may consider it an overly obvious approach to ask the candidate how they would respond in a given situation as an employee of yours. However, the answers can be very insightful, especially when you give the candidate multiple hypothetical scenarios to work through.

The best ‘team player’ candidate will naturally list relevant examples of how they would enlist the assistance of colleagues. What they shouldn’t do, is default to the idea that they should be working out everything on their own. In the real world, the latter approach from any of your employees could cost your firm all-important time and productivity.

Some of these strategies may seem to be rather simple ones. However, they are also routinely overlooked by many firms that ought to pay more attention to how ‘team-centred’ their prospective hires really are, especially when this can guide them in making better decisions in their online recruitment efforts.

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