High volume recruitment event

Making the most of your business’s looming high-volume recruitment event

If you’re looking to hire a potentially large number of candidates, fast, you might imagine that a high-volume recruiting event is the perfect place for your company to be.

However, we’re also in a candidate-driven market right now. This means that your organisation is much likelier to gain satisfactory results from its attendance of such an event if your recruiting team has all of the right knowledge, tools and metrics to hand.

So, here’s how your firm can best prepare for and make a success of a high-volume recruitment event.


Devise a plan ahead of the event

How will your target candidates be able to keep in touch with your company not just before and during, but also long after an event? We would suggest that you set up a registrant communication hub that will make this aspect of the event simple, easy and engaging for everyone present.

Contacting your candidates before the event, after all, signals your interest in them. Sending them a quick ‘thank you’ message after they have attended your booth or stand also affords you an opportunity to continue the relationship by letting them know you’ll be in touch in the future.


Tell attendees what’s next

At every stage, your candidates should be in no doubt about what’s going to happen. If they give you their contact information or CV, for example, where will their information be stored, how will you be using it and how and when will they hear back from you?

You might propose to contact your candidates straight after the event, or allow a bit more time. You may also get in touch with them via email, text, phone call or a combination of these. Whatever the situation, you should be transparent in telling your candidates about the process.


Establish the essential event metrics

This is something else that should be absolutely clear prior to the event, including how your metrics align with the organisation’s broader strategic plans.

Your team should agree on such aspects as what your firm’s grander objective for the event is – such as hiring a certain number of people or reducing sourcing time – and how you will accomplish this.

A measurable metric is especially crucial. Perhaps you’re looking to bolster your firm’s passive pipeline by 50% over the next six months, for instance?


Equip your team with the tools it needs

Are there any tools – such as a mobile app or other software – that you gain privileged access to as a participant in the event? If so, you should ensure your team knows precisely how to use and make the most of them, including the process of gaining any necessary information from them.

The period leading up to the event could be a good time to compare applicant tracking systems, especially if you anticipate being extremely busy managing and processing high volumes of candidate data before, during and long after the event.


One of the highest rated applicant tracking systems of all, in fact, is our own ATS here at Webrecruit. It’s a comprehensive and intuitive pipeline management solution, as you can learn much more about by booking a demo or calling 01392 829400 to discuss your requirements in greater detail with our team.

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