Thoughts on sourcing talent in 2019

Mind the gap: thoughts on sourcing the talent your business needs in 2019

The people that you have under your organisation’s roof are absolutely central to its success; after all, they are your organisation. You therefore need to have ways of attracting new staff to your company who are talented, engaged and able to thrive in your employ.

All too often, though, firms struggle along with poorly engaged and dissatisfied employees. This, in turn, hampers the company’s competitiveness and makes a high rate of staff turnover more likely.

This situation heightens the risk of severe talent gaps at the business. The term ‘talent gap’, of course, refers to the phenomenon of not being able to find enough people to fill your business’s skills gaps. It’s a potentially serious issue – not just because of the detrimental effect it can have on your business’s productivity, but also due to how expensive and time-consuming it is to plug said gaps.

There are, though, ways to minimise the likelihood of talent gaps in your business, particularly with regard to your online recruitment approach. Here are just a few of the key things to think about.


Are you identifying and developing leaders who can cope with change?

Nothing ever stays the same for long in business, but change – especially of the technological sort – has felt particularly swift in recent times. Such technological changes have brought new opportunities for organisations and reshaped entire markets, but firms that fail to adapt to them risk going under completely.

This is why, when you are looking to source talent in 2019, you should be seeking out truly agile leaders. By this, we mean candidates who are able to balance many different choices and challenges at the same time, thereby helping to maintain a company’s smooth operations even through times of tumult.

Do you have a strong succession pipeline at your firm, consisting of candidates who will be able to step up to leadership roles when needed, with minimal disruption? If not, we suggest that you make this a focus during the coming 12 months.


Embrace the new dominant generation of workers

As workforces across the globe age, emphasis is being taken off Baby Boomers who are increasingly retiring, and being placed onto Millennials who are stepping into leadership roles.

With the prominence of Millennials in leadership positions only set to heighten further over the next decade, now is the time for your firm to prepare workers from this generation to take on more responsible roles within your workplace.

Past studies have suggested that Millennials are more likely than past generations to leave a job that they don’t feel offers them sufficient career learning and growth opportunities. However, Millennial employees also tend to be very receptive to feedback. It’s therefore crucial for you to keep such workers engaged if they are to still be present at your company when the time comes to replace retiring Boomers.


Continued evolutions in the whole nature of work

There is now much less of a tendency for everyone employed by a given company to be based together in the same office at the same time. Instead, advancements in communication technology have helped to accelerate the rise of the remote worker, with one study in 2018 finding that 70% of professionals now worked away from the office at least once a week.

So, are your own company’s virtual staff well-equipped to bolster your firm’s productivity, with the right communication tools and structure? If not, they may be tempted by approaches from other organisations that manage remote workers better – thereby forcing you to dip into the online recruitment market in search of new virtual employees all the more often.

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