Recruitment Marketing Strategy: Top tips for an employer-led market

For a long time, the labour market has been candidate-led due to less talent being available on the market in relation to the number of roles available; unfortunately for many, 2020 has reversed this trend and there are now more candidates on the market than before. So what to do regarding your recruitment marketing strategy?

Whilst this may make hiring seem easier, it still no less important that your job advertisements, recruitment marketing strategy and candidate facing systems (careers sites and Applicant Tracking Systems) are fit for purpose, so your employer brand and opportunities stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you get your organization front and centre in a candidate’s mind? Read on to find out more!

Job Advertisements: Optimised

First things first, you have a job to recruit for – what next? It is no longer enough to just detail what someone will be doing, you need to help paint a picture in a candidate’s head about what a day working for your organisation will be like? What is your work culture? What is the impact of the work this candidate would be doing? Putting the personal touch into your adverts and making them more detailed will make your roles more appealing and stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to add in some keywords too (such as other organisations may call this role…) as this will help support the searchability of your role on the job boards.

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

So, the job advert is now ready – what next? As the adage says, ‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?’. Whilst we could debate that one for years, getting your job advert as much exposure as possible will certainly help fill your open roles. Whilst your recruitment site (see below) is your everyday ‘shop window’, utilising multiple, yet appropriate, job boards will aid your recruitment marketing strategy and hiring goals. You need to factor in generalist job boards and also consider specialist job boards if your role is more niche from a skill-set perspective, to help ensure your job advertisement is getting in front of as many of the right candidates as possible.

Careers Site

Job boards are fundamental to any recruitment marketing strategy – however, let’s not forget the importance of your careers site. This is your permanent ‘shop window’ where you can showcase your work culture, operational goals and more! Not only can you recruit for open opportunities, but you can also use this candidate facing site as a place to pipeline candidates for future opportunities.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms are great forums through which to advertise your roles and should be a cornerstone of your recruitment marketing strategy. Social Media platforms are a great way to get your job adverts in front of passive (and active) candidates and get your employer brand in front of thousands. You can target specific geographies, professions, sectors and more, meaning you can best use your budget to get your roles in front of the right people, fast.


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