To outsource, or not to outsource…

To outsource, or not to outsource…


Working inhouse as an HR, Talent or Management professional allows you to really get in touch with your brand and people proposition, being fully immersed in your company’s core goals and deliverables each every day by always working closely with your associates.


From meeting to supplier call, appraisal to your day-to-day deliverables, no two days are the same and it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to focus on your employer branding, and ultimately, talent proposition and hiring.


Deciding to outsource any part of your operation can be a tough decision to make, with supplier fit, cost and even cultural affiliations being key decision-making factors when deciding to outsource your hiring model and process (or even parts of it).


Read on to see the reasons you may want to consider outsourcing all, part or a single aspect of your recruitment and hiring processes:


Time Saving


One of the key benefits of outsourcing any or all your recruitment marketing and hiring processes is the time savings you in turn will make. As with all roles and businesses, time is currency and having more time free in your diary to focus on other tasks at hand without having to spend so much time on minute details and administrative tasks.


Many HR professionals, in particular, want to focus on enriching workplaces, improving hiring processes and supporting their internal customers, so being able to outsource job creation or board posting, onboarding administration or even CV filtering can free up precious time that is, in turn, focus on employee retention efforts over recruitment (which in turn reduces need to recruit!).


Accessing Expertise


No one can be a jack-of-all-trades, and sometimes it can be best to hand over certain aspects of your business to experts in particular fields or sectors. For example, you may be an HR professional that is an Employee Relations aficionado, but less so on how job advertisement best practice and creation; therefore, it might be worth freeing up some of your time (and concentration space) by passing over that aspect of your hiring process to the experts.


There is no wrong leaning on an outsourcer who is an expert in particular or multiple areas to help optimise all or particular aspects of your talent attraction and acquisition methods. A supplier will be extra keen to make sure that what they are supporting you with is to your exacting standards, and whilst being able to provide best practice and advice, they will also be able to adapt to your business.




This one may seem a little surprising, but yes, using an outsourcer can save you money! Whether the outsourcer is based overseas, bulk-buys particular products or services to return the saving to you or just had a business model that allows for flex, there are plenty of ways an outsourcer can save you money.


An outsourcer, at heart, is built to deliver a quality service for as many clients as possible, which when you compare to hiring large inhouse teams who may or may not look after specific workstreams, as well as your organisation needing to burden the cost of multiple salaries, National Insurance and Pension contributions and more. By using an outsourcer, you can keep your direct, employee/team costs down whilst getting the advantage of a supplier who can flex to your needs.



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