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Employee Onboarding: What starts when recruiting ends?


Good news! You have advertised your vacancy, you have sifted CVs via your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you have interviewed, and you have offered your candidate of choice, and guess what – they have accepted the offer! So, what’s next?


It is important to remember that the candidate journey after being offered the role is as important as what comes before in ensuring your prospective employee has a great onboarding experience that makes them feel welcome, familiar with your employer brand and culture, and communicated with coherently and consistently. However, this is where many Organisations can go wrong, causing disengagement (and sometimes even drop-outs) from those they are trying to impress and onboard into their organisation.


Onboarding is a human-led process as everyone has individual needs as well as wider understood, employee-based expectations; so, how can technology in for of an Applicant Tracking System help you onboard candidates successfully? Read on to find out more!


Generate and receive offer letters and contracts


The generation, delivery, receival and administration of offer letters and contracts can be a time-consuming part of the onboarding process; nevertheless, it is a vital one where details of employment are confirmed, expectations are set and essentially, where one ‘seals the deal’.


However, when this is a manual-led process that requires individual administration outside of a cloud-based system, it can be difficult to keep track of which candidate is at which stage in their offer/onboarding process. Having an Applicant Tracking System that can automate and administer offer letters and contracts (including signature capabilities) can save you plenty of time in administering the onboarding process and allow you to focus on what is important: engaging with the employees who are joining your organisation!


Request and receive referees and references


The need for referees and references has changed somewhat over the years, with many organisations now only willing to confirm dates of employment and job title, over more personal references off days gone by. Nevertheless, references are here to stay to provide surety in the integrity of your prospective employees CV.


I think many HR professionals reading this will know how time consuming the obtaining of references can be; therefore, it is imperative finding an Applicant Tracking System that takes the labour time out for you and one that will take its own (automated)I initiative after the request has been triggered, including the chasing and administration of references.


Monitor your onboarding progress


Sometimes it can be difficult to remember when an offered candidate is in their onboarding process – did they sign their contract? Did they download our training manual? Have they fill out these forms? Having an Applicant Tracking System that can provide a real time overview of where offered candidates are in the onboarding process can save you time and effort, and also provide you with prompts to push a particular part of your process or the candidate’s individual onboarding along to ensure successful completion and start.


In addition, it is also good for you to have a central space where you and your colleagues can collaborate on who will be able to pick up which part of the onboarding process during induction, such as company presentations, desk assessments, etc. so there is a clearly laid out path for the onboarded candidate ahead of them.


The good news? Webrecruit ATS has all the features you need to conduct successful onboarding processes, each and every hire!


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