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The Careers Site: Your candidate-facing shop window


As recruitment becomes more and more fierce as companies start hiring again, the fight for talent is bigger than ever! So, what tool should you consider to make an impact? That’s right – a Careers Site!


A beautifully designed careers site will display your jobs in the best possible light. Showing off your employer brand, making a great first impression and integrating with an effortless ATS platform for complete control of your hiring makes everything for you and your candidates that bit easier!


So, what should you consider when developing your careers site? Read on to find out more!


Responsive Design


In this day and age, many now access websites, careers sites and even start applications for jobs via their smartphone and tablet; that’s why it can often be both surprising and frustrating when you go to access a website that has not been optimised for these mediums!


Therefore, when setting out in the design of your careers site, always keep in the back of your mind the candidate journey and how your careers site is fully accessible and supportive of candidates applying for roles, over hindering that process.


Design reflecting brand


When designing your careers site, or thinking about what you would like someone else to create, home in on what your employer brand is? Are you a start-up? Are you a more established corporate firm? Are you a regional charity?


Whatever your employer brand is, make sure your careers site is reflective of what your company’s central ethos is and what environment you promote working in. Don’t forget, your careers site is meant to be a shop window for your business so someone should be able to peer in and get a feel for what to expect should they join your business as an employee.


ATS Integration


So, a candidate has clicked apply – what next? Careers sites are a great way to attract candidates to your roles and business but are equally as important to translate those prospective candidates into actual applicants.


The best way to capture applicant data and continue a smooth and consistent candidate journey is to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is integrated with your careers site to turn those looking through your shop window into potential employees. As an extension, the ATS and application process should be reflective of your brand and employer proposition.


Localised Careers Site


If you are recruiting in more than one language or locale, it is important that your careers site has multi-lingual capabilities and can be customised to meet your global recruitment requirements. Whilst it can sometimes seem that English is the language of worldwide business, to ignore regional languages, differences and needs can be to ignore and put off potential candidates needlessly. Therefore, it is vital to consider what languages your careers site needs to be in and to make sure that is part of your plans from the outset.


So, if you are looking for a careers site that can be your business’ very own shop window, then look no further!


Webrecruit have a strong track record in delivering beautiful, effective, and impactful careers sites that have enabled our clients to transform their hiring processes online. Book your demo to find out more!



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