DPR - Still as important as ever!

GDPR – Still as important as ever!

The implementation of GDPR rules and regulations in 2018 seems like a professional lifetime ago now and is just part of the background, daily thought processes for many. But does that general discourse and rhetoric around GDPR mean organisations are no longer placing the same emphasis on its importance?


Read Webrecruit’s latest blog to remind yourself of some of the basics to consider and what is important when selecting an Applicant Tracking System that will be looking after your people data.


Do you have a GDPR compliant application process?


The start of a candidate journey and your organisation’s capture of an individual’s data through your Applicant Tracking System or other recruitment software has its GDPR implications. As soon as someone starts providing their details, including contact details, an individual may want to know how and where their data is being processed and stored?


It is a good idea to make sure that your organisation’s GDPR policy is readily available and signposted both on your website and careers site, as well as providing links throughout the application process and in any email communications a candidate may expect to receive – honesty and transparency is the aim of the game!


Data Deletion Requests


Due to GDPR, individuals have the right to ask for any organization who may hold their data and personal information to have this deleted. Sounds like a simple request, right? Maybe not.


With the implantation of GDPR, many organisations admitted to struggling where to find an individual’s details that could at this point be in multiple sources and depositaries. It is important to explore having systems that securely store data in a clearly designated area so when data deletion requests are received, that request can be followed up with ease.


What about automated data deletion?


Manual data deletion requests are not the only thing to consider – many organisations now have strict policies to ensure they are not holding onto personal information and data longer than is necessary.


That in itself (factoring in large recruitment drives, for example) could be a daunting and manual task to complete. When considering what ATS or recruitment software to use, you want to make sure that there is something in place that can delete data automatically.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – hide or not to hide?


GDPR can also lend itself to hiring processes and makes anyone involved in hiring processes consider whether they need to review all Personally Identifiable Information submitted to them.


The reason for this is due to PII potentially influencing a hiring manager’s decisions due to unconscious (or even conscious) bias. For example, upon seeing a candidate’s name, someone could make the decision that be a certain gender, ethnicity, religion or otherwise. This can then unfairly impact search and selection for hires, so being able to anonymise a candidate’s data can create more fairness in any hiring process.


Equal opportunities Reports


Whether your organization does or does not have diversity quotas, many know that diversity within any workplace leads to better results and more ideas! To check if your efforts are working or not, it is important to have functionality within your system where you can pull instant, automatic reports that can give you a real time view of how each job, department,etc. stacks up in this arena.


The good news? Webrecruit ATS is GDPR compliant recruitment software that protects your business and your candidates. Webrecruit ATS can help your business remain in line with data protection and equality regulations.


Want to find out more? Get in touch to see how Webrecruit ATS can help you!



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