Hiring from Home

Hiring from Home? Here’s How!


The last 18 months have completely changed the working landscape across the globe, with many organisations now permanently having employees working from home full-time or working on a hybrid model, with a mixture of both home and office working. Distinct challenges arise around hiring from home when you need candidates to both be attracted to your business, interviewed, and assessed, as well as onboarded – all this needing to be done virtually!


So, with many businesses hiring from home in an increasingly competitive labour market, how can you and your organisation stay ahead of the game to best secure talent remotely? Read on to find out more!


Hiring via Cloud-Based Technology 


Whilst this may seem an obvious recommendation, many recruiters and hiring managers do not used cloud-based technology, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or HRIS, to monitor and organise their hiring workflows as well as manage their candidates. Particularly when working from home, individuals could be prone to creating their own ways of working which could be counterproductive to your business’ hiring goals.


By introducing cloud-based systems into as many of your workflows as possible, you will be able to work from anywhere in the world (WiFi permitting!) as well as be able to oversee the activities of your overall hiring efforts and engagement with candidates. This also means that data is secured safely and not just linked to someone’s personal hardware, mitigating data-related risk and storage thereof, making your life easier from a teamwork perspective!


Online Assessments & Video Interviews


Working from home does create one key challenge when recruiting – how does one best interview and assess candidates whilst ensuring they are engaged with your people culture? The good news is that in this modern world, there are plenty of virtual means to assess a candidate’s suitability for your roles.


Firstly, online assessments conducted remotely are becoming more of a mainstay in the world of recruitment; timed, locked window assessments to ascertain certain skills and psychometric tests being completed in the comfort of a candidate’s home are all ways you can work out if a candidate is right for you and your roles. The benefit of this all being actioned remotely will benefit both you and your candidates.


Secondly, video interviews are more commonplace than ever; we are all much more used to meeting our colleagues virtually by numerous online meeting tools, and this has now fed through into the interview space. Video interviews allow you to virtually meet your candidates face to face, which improves engagement between yourself and the candidate.


Careers Sites – Your Shop Window


A reason many are now working from home is due to the exodus of some businesses from their business premises, either downscaling in office size or moving everyone to a work at home model – but what impact could this have on your hiring efforts? Well, that depends on what type of business you operate in, but physical premises do have the advantage of acting like a billboard for your business that also increases word of mouth referrals from other business close to you.


So, what to do? A Careers Site would be a great option here! A Careers Site provides you with a platform to showcase your roles and company culture, as well as provide a ‘shop window’ for prospective candidates to find out more about what your organisation does, where it has been and where it is heading. With more and more recruitment (including recruitment fairs) being held remotely, having an attractive, engaging, and informative Careers Site as part of your recruiting arsenal will pay dividends in no time!


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