Talent Pooling: How to always have talent on tap!

Talent Pooling: How to always have talent on tap!


Many organisations are currently struggling to obtain the right candidates for their roles as the ‘fight for talent’ becomes ever more fierce; last-minute vacancies are causing many hiring managers and recruiters headaches as roles sometimes go unfilled for longer than hoped for!


Of course, Webrecruit is always on hand with our expert copywriting services to make your job advertisements stand out from the crowd, as well as offering effective social media campaigns and our market-leading Applicant Tracking System, Webrecruit ATS. However, are there ways to keep a constant feed of talent and speculative candidates coming into your business?


The answer to that is yes! Read on to find out more about Webrecruit’s guidance on you can always have talent on tap:


General Job Advertisements


One best practice action to do is to have a general, speculative job advertisement open on your careers site; having an advert available which describes your work culture, the type of associates you are looking for and what they can expect from you as an employer can draw through a constant stream of applications for future roles.


What’s important to make clear is that these job advertisements are to bring prospective candidates into your talent community so that when the best-fit role for that candidate becomes available, they are always on your ‘books’ (so to speak!) meaning they are already engaging with your brand.


Social Media & Job Board Advertising


What if you don’t have a careers site to have a general, speculative job advertisement displayed? Well, even if you do, it is worth supporting your talent pooling exercises with advertising. Aggregators will pick up your roles and often advertise for free; however, it is worth considering getting your general adverts onto the job boards or social media platforms via sponsored advertising.


This proactive push for your talent pooling exercises will pay dividends – advertising on the job boards and social media will get your brand out there, making you an ‘employer of choice’ rather than an ‘employer by chance’ and will help increase your talent pool so you have candidates on tap for when you need them.


Talent Pooling & Communications


But where best to store your prospective talent pool? Excel spreadsheets and password locked folders might seem a good idea, but your best option is to invest in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as a safe and secure place to store and access your candidates when you need them.


By using an ATS, you will be able to categorise and rate candidates, meaning you have queues of suitable candidates for particular types of roles so you can successfully fill your roles faster!


Furthermore, by having all your candidates in one place, you will be able to mass communicate to your talent community – whether it be job alerts for your most current vacancies or information about your business or even just general check-ins about what you are looking for in candidates, you will be able to do this at the click of a few buttons!


If proactive talent pooling sounds like something you’ve been missing, then look no further than Webrecruit! We have helped thousands of clients effectively use job advertisements, careers site and Webrecruit ATS to create talent communities and fill their roles faster and more effectively.


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