‘Tis the season to start temp recruiting!

‘Tis the season to start temp recruiting!


It’s hard to believe but the festive period is almost amongst us; for many of you recruiting in the retail, hospitality, and logistics space, you have likely already started planning for your seasonal ramp up of temporary and fixed-term contract staff. Whilst hiring needs may have been planned in earnest, it’s always good to focus back on what is the best practice recruiting plan to fulfil your hiring requirements.


So, how best to get or stay ahead of the game by ramping up your hiring efforts for the festive period? Read on to get Webrecruit’s top tips on how to optimise your seasonal recruitment planning!


Get Advertising ASAP


It might seem too early to start ramping up your recruitment efforts, but by the time you have advertised, hired, and trained, you will be surprised how far you will be into the festive season! So, what to do?


When it comes to seasonal recruiting, it is best to hit it hard and fast; start getting your adverts out across as many different types of platforms as possible, including the job boards, Social Media , print and more! The reason for this is you want the saturation of your brand amongst prospective candidates to be at its peak and ahead of your competitors, so your organisation is the brand to work for over your competitors.


Candidate Journey – Keep It Simple


When it comes to seasonal recruiting, it is important to make sure that your candidate journey is as straightforward and simple as possible to best capture interest and completed applications to support your hiring efforts. This can be done in multiple ways, whether via Social Media data capture scripts or easy, online application forms, it’s best to keep it simple!


An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is also a great tool to help here – an ATS can create a central, cloud-based space where you can store your candidates as well as customise application and onboarding forms to be as streamlined as possible to not deter candidates and capture the info you need as efficiently as possible.


Candidate Journey – Keep It Quick


Great! You now have applicants – the biggest mistake you can now make is not processing them quick enough! Whilst it is important to make sure your talent attraction and acquisition processes at the front end are fit for purpose, it is equally as important to make sure you have the time and resources to process applications operationally.


Seasonal recruiting is a fast-paced labour market, so it is important to process suitable applicants as soon as you can (as well as rejecting unsuitable) – don’t forget, if you do not process your applicants quick enough, your competitors will. With the ‘fight for talent’ fiercer than ever, speed is truly of the essence.


If you need support to bring your seasonal hiring strategy to life, and need to move quickly, then look no further than Webrecruit! We have supported hundreds of organisations to execute and streamline an effective recruitment approach to seasonal recruiting, ensuring their roles are filled for the festive season via market-leading job advertisements, intuitive technology and more!


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