Why Recruitment Advertising Agencies Might be The Solution for You

Why Recruitment Advertising Agencies Might be The Solution For You


If you’re creating a hiring campaign and want to increase the number of applicants you receive, recruitment advertising agencies might be the solution for you.


What do Recruitment Advertising Agencies do?


You can think of recruitment advertising agencies as an extension and enhancement to your organisation. Many organisations have strong in-house recruitment teams but don’t always have time to develop and personalise recruitment campaigns – this is where recruitment advertising agencies, such as Webrecruit, step in.


As specialists in recruitment advertising and marketing, it’s the job of Webrecruit to ensure your organisation can quickly and easily find the candidates you need via optimised recruitment advertising methodologies across multiple platforms.


Here Are Five Ways Webrecruit Support You With Your Hiring Campaigns:


1. Recruitment advertising agencies work closely with you to plan and implement the best methods of advertising your vacancy


A recruitment advertising agency’s job is to understand their organisation and the industry they operate in.


The first thing we do here at Webrecruit is develop an appreciation of clients’ needs. We do this because some organisations require a broader reach whilst other partners need a more tailored approach to their campaigns.


We advise on the best methods of reaching your audience; we then create a marketing plan to engage candidates and get the recruitment advertising campaign for you – this opens your team up to focus on other tasks like interviewing candidates, onboarding new employees or focusing on retention efforts.


“The job advertisements Webrecruit create really bring our roles to life for candidates. There is a real focus on what we need to achieve together, and I cannot fault the relationship between Thatchers and Webrecruit. I recommend Webrecruit to all!”

Emma Cox, Head of Talent Development at Thatchers.


2. Webrecruit can help with copywriting and advise on improving job advertisements to increase candidate engagement


A job advertisement is a central part of the success of any recruitment campaign, so getting it right is likely at the top of your priority list.


Our copywriting team has worked with hundreds of clients in almost every sector. We continuously develop engaging job advertisements that excite candidates and take into account Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles.


‘Air IT had always written our own adverts, and in some cases, still do; however, we have found ourselves leaning more on Webrecruit’s copywriting services as they are able to adopt Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles such as keywords into their adverts to make the roles more searchable’

Sophie Brown, Talent Acquisition Manager at Air IT


3. Recruitment advertising agencies provide feedback on current recruitment campaigns and readjust them for maximum impact


Decent recruitment advertising agencies know how vital ongoing feedback is to a hiring campaign – a few minor tweaks could really alter how impactful an advertisement is.


This is why when you partner with Webrecruit, we provide feedback and analysis on the current success of your advertising and advise on improvements that can be made to existing campaigns.


4. Webrecruit advise on EDI best practices to enhance the resilience of an organisation and increase candidate reach


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is, and should be, a cornerstone of all organisations’ hiring and retention efforts; EDI is not just a tick-box exercise, but a conscious commitment by organisations to improve diversity within their business to make opportunities more equal and inclusive.


As a central theme to our solutions and business practice, Webrecruit is in the perfect position to help organisations develop EDI practices and ensure it’s taken full advantage of during hiring campaigns.


5. Webrecruit keep partners up to date with recruitment best practices, so you know how to make the most of your future campaigns


As innovation, shifts in the economy and government regulations impact recruitment, staying up to date with the latest best practices and news is something that most recruitment professionals automatically do.


To ensure our partners are up to date with the latest trends and recruitment developments, Webrecruit has an ever-evolving resource library and best practice methodologies to reflect changes.


You can rest assured that the information we provide has been researched, understood and is up to date. So why not join hundreds of other recruitment staff and subscribe to our weekly newsletters to keep up to date with the latest trends?


How Much do Recruitment Advertising Agencies Cost?


A vital component of any good recruitment advertising agency is the ability to lower overall costs for your hiring campaigns.


Webrecruit can offer competitive advertising rates on job boards because we work directly with them on your behalf.


Even better, we charge a flat-rate fee for our tailored advertising packages. A flat-rate fee means you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and don’t have to worry about hidden expenses.


Why Not Discuss Your Recruitment Needs With One of Our Specialists?


As one of the UK’s leading recruitment advertising agencies, Webrecruit know how important finding the right fit for your organisation is.


Webrecruit is committed to providing the best recruitment advertising solution possible – with competitive pricing, a focus on customer service and a creative eye for recruitment, we know we can help improve the impact of your hiring campaigns.

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